Rental properties

Rental properties have been a great investment over the years and have helped many families reach their financial goals. We are Landlords ourselves! If you are a first time Landlord we can help you assess cash flows and give you specialized advice on funding requirements. For more experienced Landlords, we offer a variety of lenders with different programs all designed to fit your funding needs.


Are you looking to buy your first rental property?

We like to work closely with our Landlords. If you are thinking about buying a rental property and are unsure if it makes sense financially, please Contact Me. We will evaluate the numbers to make sure you are making a great investment. Many people buy rental properties hoping that house prices will rise, while not taking into account the potential lack of cash flow. We focus on making sure that the cash flow of your rental works so that if home prices stall or decrease you are still able to cover your expenses. It is important to note that every service provided to clients is free, including any property analysis.

Experienced Landlords

We work closely with Lenders, Real Estate Agents and Property Management Firms to ensure that we can help you when you need it. Dominion Lending Centers is the largest mortgage brokerage in Canada. When you work with us you have access to every rental program under our umbrella. Whether it’s your second or 30th rental unit we can help you. We also have ways of avoiding the Stress Test that might assist you in acquiring your next property. For more information, please Contact Me.¬†We will happily sit and talk for free and provide you a no obligation consultation.